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Surface Forwarding Services

FP Hot Shot

No flights available? Too big to fly? FPLCS understands that your commitment to your customers makes these conditions unacceptable. We’ll immediately move your shipments via expedited ground transfer. It’s the most dependable emergency ground service you’ll find!

LTL Services

FPLCS stands above the rest in terms of our distinct LTL operating advantages. Whether you’re shipping from a regional distribution network or across a nationwide area... FPLCS effectively manages your transportation needs.

  • Volume discount pricing - Working with a single source, we use our volume to generate significant cost savings.
  • Direct routings - Save time in transit and reduce the risk of in-transit loss or damage. Bottom line: improved service to your customers.
  • Reduced congestion at your facility - Fewer contracted carriers are jockeying for loading bays.
  • Simplified invoice auditing and payment procedures
Truckload and Contract Carriage

Perhaps you have a customer in Baton Rouge who has a contract for 350 press parts to be delivered every two and a half months. Maybe your distributor in Columbia needs a truckload every other Tuesday. FPLCS can manage that for you quickly and efficiently.

Our Truckload/Contract Carriage division puts company-owned OTR vehicles, independent owner/operators and major long-haul carriers on the road for you. With over 6500 carriers, we determine the most cost-effective solution based on your transportation needs. Our system ensures that the process of moving your shipment from point A to point B is seamless.